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Road traffic separators
Plastic capacities and tanks
Plastic construction debris chutes
Information article: Garbage dumpers for builing - the rational descision for builing problems

LED flashlight for road works
Isotermic container for beer kegs
Plastic road signal pillar
Plastic snowman for Cristmas&New Year parties
Plastic sled for winter pleasure
Road traffic separator 1,2m
Road traffic separator 2,0m
Road traffic signal cones
Plastic capacity for outdoor shower 300l

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Road traffic separators in road repair works
Main targets of road repair works

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About our company
Being a producing-oriented company, Plasto disposes qualified specialists and the production site with effective equipment park to process metal and plastic rotation molding line.
Because of this fact, we can do a whole complex of works to produce plastic industrial and home products - from creating drafts and construction documents and producing metal molds for rotation molding to producing final products.
Own technical base, 24-hour working day, proven raw materials suppliers links, constant quality control on every stage of technological cycle allow to do a operative projecting, producing and repairing of rotation molds. This allows to develop new products and produce large amount of serial products quickly.
Our specialists work on a plastic products market for a long time. That’s why we know all the difficulties of plastic-producing companies and realize the importance of minimizing customer costs. We tend to a loyal cost politics and offer advantageous cooperation conditions.
Working on a potential order, we give a client several variant of its execution using our own non-standard and unique decisions – “know-how”. This happens because of large experience in rotation molding business and using the most progressive and new technologies in this branch of industry.

Our company performs the following works:
- Rotation molding polyethylene processing
- Serial production of large-capacity plastic products
- Technological accessories producing
- Metallic constructions producing (containing molds for rotation molding)
- Granulated polyethylene grinding on a specialized equipment with regulated dry flow
- Logo design and cliché producing to place of your production

We are ready to cooperation and tend to justify customer expectations. We guarantee: high qualification level, flexible cost politics, effective non-standard problems decision, responsibility to taken order execution.

Responsibility, foresight, efficiency – these are the qualities we consider the most important in customer and partners relationship.

Строительный мусоросброс

Дорожный барьер (дорожный блок) 1,2м

Конус дорожный 750мм

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