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Road traffic separators
Plastic capacities and tanks
Plastic construction debris chutes
Information article: Garbage dumpers for builing - the rational descision for builing problems

LED flashlight for road works
Isotermic container for beer kegs
Plastic road signal pillar
Plastic snowman for Cristmas&New Year parties
Plastic sled for winter pleasure
Road traffic separator 1,2m
Road traffic separator 2,0m
Road traffic signal cones
Plastic capacity for outdoor shower 300l

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Road traffic separators in road repair works
Main targets of road repair works

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Quality proven with the sertificates
Plastic debris chute sertificateThe quality of our plastic debris chutes is proven with the sertificates. More information here:Plastic construction debris chutes

Plastic debris chutes are used for safe and comfort debris removal from building objects. The dumper consists of receiving section, straight sections and special metallic constructions used to mount the dumper to building and preserve the plastic parts from spoiliing of big debris parts. The Plastic debris chutes can be gathered in any sequence, it's easy to wash and allows to reduce the noise level of debris removal.

Конус дорожный 750мм

Дорожный барьер (дорожный блок) 2,0м

Дорожный барьер (дорожный блок) 1,2м

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